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What is Oddbeaker Synthetic Mining™?

Imagine the potential of cryptocurrency mining without the limitations of physical hardware. Oddbeaker Synthetic Mining revolutionizes the crypto accumulation process by introducing an innovative approach to 'mining' - one that doesn't require expensive hardware, consume excessive electricity, or demand constant maintenance. Instead, with an initial deposit akin to buying a top-tier ASIC miner, you can 'activate' your Synthetic Miner. This miner works tirelessly in the digital realm, leveraging the power of auto-trading to generate 'mining rewards' from the fluctuations of crypto pairs. Think of it as having an elite miner that operates at just over $3 a day - the cost of our subscription fee, akin to the electricity bill of traditional mining, but with the potential for higher average daily net profits.

Not your ordinary trading algo.

While many trading algorithms focus on short-term gains, Oddbeaker Synthetic Mining is designed with the long-term vision of a miner in mind. Unlike traditional auto-traders and copy-traders that aim for quick profits, Oddbeaker is your digital miner that diligently works to 'mine' crypto rewards over time. This method is not about chasing the market's highs and lows; it's about steady accumulation, especially of Bitcoin, through strategic auto-trading. It's akin to investing in a high-grade miner that doesn't just seek to profit from the market's volatility but aims to grow your digital asset portfolio consistently.

Better than hardware mining?

In the burgeoning journey of Oddbeaker Synthetic Mining, even with just a month's worth of data from two synthetic miners, the results speak volumes about the algorithm's potential. These early miners have not only demonstrated the feasibility of synthetic mining as a viable alternative to traditional methods but have also shown promising results in terms of profitability. For instance, the average daily net profits from these synthetic miners have already started to outpace those of traditional hardware mining setups, offering a glimpse into the significant advantages Oddbeaker brings to the table.

Exclusive Membership

To ensure the highest quality of service and attention to our pioneering community, access to Oddbeaker Synthetic Mining will be exclusive to only 400 subscribers. This isn't just an opportunity; it's a privilege to be among the select few who will redefine the future of cryptocurrency accumulation. By limiting the number of subscribers, we guarantee a community of dedicated enthusiasts, all sharing the vision of a smarter, more efficient future in crypto mining.

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What do you need to get started?

You will need an account on one of the crypto exchanges listed below in order to use the Oddbeaker Synthetic Miner.

Please note that only a few exchanges allow USA clients. Those will be marked above with an "*".

How much does it cost?

There is a subscription fee that can be paid either monthly or annually. The fees are as follows

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